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Horizon Artic Sub Ohm Coil 0.2 Ohm

Horizon Artic Sub Ohm Coil 0.2 Ohm
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Product information "Horizon Arctic Coil 0,2 Sub ohm"


Arctic coils come with BTC (Bottom Turbine Coil) and BTDC(Bottom Turbine Dual coils) optional. BTC 0.5 ohm, BTC 0.2 ohm,BTC 1.2 ohm, BTDC 0.5 ohm,BTDC 0.2 ohm

100% organic cotton and 100% USA made kanthal wire. Work with 10 to 100W,no burning taste.


1) 100% organic cotton

2) 100% USA made kanthal wire

3) Work with 10 to 100 W,no burning taste

4) BTC and BTDC coils optional

5) 0.2 ohm,0.5 ohm,1.2 ohm optional


BTC 0.2 ohm work with 20W to 50W

BTC 0.5 ohm work with 20W to 40W

BTC 1.2 ohm work with 10W to 25W

BTDC 0.2 ohm work with 30W to 100W

BTDC 0.5 ohm work with 30W to 80W

Manufacturer suggestion:

1)In order to have a wonderful vaping, we strongly suggest that let the e liquid absorbed fully.(Soak around 30 seconds to 40 seconds).

2)Before vaping, we strongly suggest to use 15W first.

3)When the first using, keep soaking 1 or 2 minutes, can work with 20W to 30W directly.

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Horizon Artic Sub Ohm Atomizer

Product information "Horizon Artic Sub Ohm Atomizer"


  Horizon Tech  Arctic clearomizer uses the newest conception, there are four faced airflow valves. 

Each airflow valve has 3SQMM, 4*3SQMM=12SQMM intake holes will have more smooth vaping experience.  

Arctic uses 100% USA made kanthal wire,100% organic cotton, which is  more healthy and performs better.

Excellent cooling system, even under the high wattage, the drip tip will not be too hot to hurt your tongue.



1) 100% USA made Kanthal wire

2) 100% organic cotton

3)BTC(Bottom Turbine Coil) BTDC(Bottom Turbine Dual Coil) optional

4)Work with 10 to 100 Watts

5)0.2 ohm,0.5ohm,1.2ohm optional

6)Stainless Steel Drip tip, Glass drip tip optional

7)4*3SQMM=12SQMM intake holes

8)304 stainless steel+Pyrex glass

9)Airflow adjustable function



BTC 0.2 ohm work with 20W to 50W

BTC 0.5 ohm work with 20W to 40W

BTC 1.2 ohm work with 10W to 25W

BTDC 0.2 ohm wok with 30W to 100W

BTDC 0.5 ohm work with 30W to 80W


Manufacture Suggestion

1)In order to have a wonderful vaping, we strongly suggest that let the e liquid absorbed fully.( soak around 30 seconds to 40  seconds) 

2)Before vaping,we strongly suggest to use around 15W  first.

3)When the first using, keep soaking 1 to 2 minutes ,can use 20W to 30 W  directly


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